The Whitsunday region has one of the most diverse regional economies in Australia.

Historically, the region comprised primary industries such as sugar cane production, grazing, small cropping and orchards.

Sugarcane, Whitsundays, Farming

Secondary industries, such as sugar refining and fruit and vegetable packaging developed as a consequence of expanding primary industries.


By the middle of the 20th century, the influence of mining on the regional economy strengthened. This sector will continue to have significant expansion opportunities with the expansion of the Coal Export Facilities at the Port of Abbott Point.


In recent decades, the Tourism industry has enhanced the overall profile of this region. The Whitsunday Islands are recognised internationally as an iconic location in the Great Barrier Reef. The Tourism and Hospitality and Retail sectors are now the dominant employment sectors in the Whitsundays.









You can find out more about the region from the Council website which has a wealth of information on the economic, social and environmental potential of the Whitsunday region, its assets and people.